Russell & Jones "Belle" Parlor Wall Clock

Russell & Jones "The Belle" Parlor, hanging, Label on back with plastic protection over label. Overall condition very good, the alarm may be not be working. Runs, however, as with all antique clocks, will probably need a clean, oil, adjust. Nice pendulum. Rare clock.
Sold "As Is" only.

*With the failure of the Terry Clock Company at Pittsfield, Mass. In 1888, the Pittsfield businessmen who were large investors took over the operation and supplied funds to buy the bankrupt Terry firm at Waterbury, Conn. In 1889 and move it to Massachusetts. They built a new factory for the operation in 1883. By January of 1889, the firm's name had been changed to Russell & Jones Clock Company and a trade catalog was issued with few changes, if any, from the old firm's line. In 1890, the new firm issued a new catalog with a substantial number of new and unusual models. As far as can be determined, the firm discontinued manufacture and was disbanded in 1893.
*Ref. American Clocks by Tran Duy Ly

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